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We understand that accessing and deploying machine learning models can be a complex process, which is why we've made it as seamless and effortless as possible. With our cloud-powered model hosting, you can leverage the full potential of our models right from your own applications.

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Deploy faster

Cloud-Powered Model Hosting

At the heart of our model hosting solution is our state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure.

API Integration Made Simple
Simplify model integration with our intuitive API. Connect seamlessly to our endpoint, supported by comprehensive documentation and tutorials. Streamline the process of integrating machine learning models into your software or applications.
Reliable and Scalable Infrastructure
Experience our secure, scalable cloud infrastructure hosted in Germany. Enjoy seamless access to high-performance servers, ensuring reliable model hosting and effortless scalability.
Efficient and Cost-Effective
Start free, upgrade as you grow with flexible pricing. Maximize ROI by paying for resources used, optimizing costs for value-driven AI integration. Unlock machine learning potential without breaking the bank.
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API Pricing

The right price for you, whoever you are

Start your journey for free and upgrade your plan if you need it.



Start testing the API or use in production for smaller usecases.

Get Started
    • Image Captioning
    • Image Classification
    • Language Detection
    • Sentiment Detection
    • Text Summarization
    • Text Generation
    • General Data Processing(coming soon)
    • Calls per month(2000 Calls)
    • (If you exceed the included calls once or twice, it's not a big deal.)



Join the open beta till 30.06.2023 and get all premium features for free.

Get Started
    • Image Captioning
    • Image Classification
    • Language Detection
    • Sentiment Detection
    • Text Summarization
    • Text Generation(coming soon)
    • Image Generation(coming soon)
    • Audio Transcription(coming soon)
    • General Data Processing(coming soon)
    • Calls per month(unlimited)
    • (Even unlimited has it's limits. For skyrocking usage we'll call you for an enterprice solution.)

Future-Proof Your Software.
Trust in Quality.

Embrace the power of cloud computing and seamlessly integrate AI into your software with our cloud-powered model hosting. Experience the convenience, scalability, and reliability that our platform offers. Join us on this exciting journey and unlock the endless possibilities of machine learning for your business or development projects.

Cargoship is still evolving

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