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Add AI to your software without any machine learning knowledge

Select a model from our open source collection, run the container and access the model API in your product.

How cargoship works

Smart Apps without the fuss

No AI engineer? No problem!

No matter if Image Recognition or Language Processing - all models are pre-trained and packaged in an easy-to-use API.

Ever Growing

Choose from a large selection of models that is always growing. We curate and fine-tune the best models from HuggingFace and Github.

Cargoship is keeping up with the development of the AI space so you don’t have to.
Open Source & easy to use

You can either host the model yourself very easily or get your personal endpoint and API-Key with one click.

Cargoship is still evolving

Join the discussion

Cargoship is in early access. Join our Discord to get updates and individual help to setup the models.